The Poppy and Remembrance 2014

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  1. Country where the red poppy has been worn on days of remembrance since 1924 (initials). (3)

  2. Describes paper and plastic poppies, as distinct from real poppies. (10)

  5. Flowers associated with remembrance. (7)

  7. The poppy grows so easily in Europe that it is regarded as a ...... there. (4)

  8. Describes the petals of the corn flower which is also known as the poppy of remembrance. (3)

10. Part of Belgium whose fields of red poppies were made famous in a poem by John McCrae. (8)

13. Country where the poppy is worn on Remembrance Day and Anzac Day. (3, 7)

14. In Britain, Remembrance Day is held on this day of the week. (6)

15. Island country in southern Europe where paper poppies are worn on Remembrance Day. (5)

16. Country where the poppy is worn as a symbol of remembrance. (6, 6)

17. Country where plastic poppies are worn. (6)


  1. Country where paper poppies are worn. (6, 7)

  2. Country where the poppy is worn on Remembrance Day and Anzac Day. (9)

  3. The wearing of poppies helps us to ...... the soldiers who have died in war. (8)

  4. To mark or acknowledge, by recalling and showing respect in some way. Rather than say that we "celebrate" Remembrance Day, it is better to say that we ...... Remembrance Day. (11)

  6. A remembrance poppy is also called a ...... poppy. (8)

  9. Country where Remembrance Day paper poppies are worn. (5, 6)

11. Australian and New Zealand people sometimes wear poppies on this day as well as on Remembrance Day. (5, 3)

12. The month when Remembrance Day is held. (8)

16. Country where poppies are worn from the beginning of November to Remembrance Sunday (initials). (2)

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