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Online jigsaw puzzles

(These online jigsaw puzzles require Java.)

PLAY NOW: Below are 12 jigsaw puzzles (of six images) to play online. We created them at jigsawplanet.com.

Topics include Remembrance Day, Veterans Day and the poems In Flanders Field and The Ode.

You can choose between interlocking edges (traditional jigsaw puzzle shapes) and straight edges.




Interlocking edge jigsaw puzzles: preview35 Remembrance Day
(35 pieces)
preview35 Veterans Day
(35 pieces)
preview60 Lest we forget
(60 pieces)
preview88 We will remember them
(88 pieces)
preview42 In Flanders Fields*
(42 pieces)
preview40 The Ode
(40 pieces)
Straight edge jigsaw puzzles: Remembrance Day
(24 pieces)
Veterans Day
(24 pieces)
Lest we forget
(15 pieces)
We will remember them
(77 pieces)
In Flanders Fields
(42 pieces)
The Ode
(40 pieces)

* When ROTATING is required, LEFT-click to SELECT the piece, then RIGHT-click it.


PRINTING: You can also print the straight-edge jigsaw puzzles (for cutting up), or print a poster of the images.


All jigsaws were created at jigsawplanet.com by Poppy Time with images that are Copyright (c) 2010 poppytime.com

Straight-edge versions of the jigsaw puzzles can also be PRINTED OUT for cutting up and playing.
(See our JIGSAWS TO PRINT page.)

The completed pictures of the puzzles make good posters. See our POSTERS page.





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