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Remembrance Day (kidscanhavefun.com)
Nine-clue Remembrance Day crossword.

The Poppy and Remembrance (poppytime.com)
Our own 20-clue interactive crossword puzzle on the poppy and remembering fallen soldiers. (The same crossword is available as a printable version.)
Remembrance Day Ceremony crossword (anzacwebsites.com)
For helpful information, see DVA Remembrance Day Ceremony Outline (pdf)
The Ode of Remembrance crossword (anzacwebsites.com)
For helpful information, see  DVA Remembrance Day Ceremony Outline (pdf)

Remembrance Day (bbc.co.uk)
Links to other parts of the BBC website provide hints for the ten clues in this Remembrance Day crossword.  

See also our Crosswords to print section



Remembrance Day Word Search (dltk-holidays.com)
23 Remembrance Day words.

Veterans Day Word Search (puzzles.about.com)
24 words to find.
Remembrance Day (wordsearchfun.com)
Canadian word search puzzle of 24 terms.

See also our Word searches to print section




Online Jigsaw Puzzles (poppytime.com)
Six jigsaws to choose from.

Poppy (kidzone.ws)
48-piece jigsaw puzzle.
World War II Memorial (kidzone.ws)
48-piece jigsaw puzzle.
Poppies (kidzone.ws)
48-piece jigsaw puzzle.
Remember (kidzone.ws)
48-piece jigsaw puzzle.
Themed Jigsaw Puzzles (dltk-kids.com) provides a list of jigsaw puzzles, including some of the above ones.

See also our Jigsaw puzzles to print page



Remembrance Day Quickquiz (historyonthenet.com)
UK-themed Remembrance Day online quiz.

Treaty of Versailles Quickquiz (historyonthenet.com)
UK-themed Remembrance Day online quiz.
End of the War Quickquiz (historyonthenet.com)
UK-themed Remembrance Day online quiz.



Remembrance Day Tic Tac Toe (dltk-holidays.com)
You (white poppy) play against the computer (red poppy). Click a square to begin.


Online GAMES

Anzac Kids (anzackids.com)
Although this site has been prepared with Australian and New Zealand students in mind, other students will find the Remembrance Day games and puzzles relevant. Many of the puzzles are already covered by the links above.

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