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Poppy (dltk-kids.com)
One of the simplest online color-in activities in the world.


Poppy petals (hellokids.com) Poppy petals (hellokids.com) 
Probably the second-easiest poppy color-in activity in the world. Click on "color online".
Poppy wreath (dltk-kids.com)
On some computers some of the poppies cannot be colored with two different colors.
Poppy (hellokids.com) Poppy (hellokids.com)
Poppy petals and stem plus leaves to color-in. Click on "Color online".
Military Hats and Poppies (dltk-kids.com)
What is their country of origin?
Remembrance Day Coloring Pages (thecolor.com)
Six images with a Remembrance Day theme.
Veterans Day Coloring Pages (thecolor.com)
Six US Veterans Day images to choose from.

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