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Poppy craft activities: making poppy wreaths
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Remembrance Day / Veterans Day wreaths on this page:  

Poppy wreaths - TEMPLATE provided

Poppy wreaths - no template required

Other wreaths (no poppies)

Wreath ideas

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Poppy wreaths - template provided

Paper poppies (tallystreasury.com)
Requires red paper, black paper, brads (split pin brass fasteners). Optional template [pdf] for petals.

Poppy wreath (dltk-holidays.com)
See instructions. Print a template, cut out and glue. Provides a choice of colour template or black and white template.


Poppy wreaths - no template required

What to do with Paper Napkins (bugaboominimrme.blogspot.com.au)
Scroll down for the instructions on making a poppy wreath using a stick wreath. The earlier poppy instructions cover cutting up paper napkins to make four-petal, three-petal or two-petal poppies.

Fingerprint Poppy Wreath (dltk-holidays.com.com)
Instructions on making a wreath using red finger paint, green or black finger paint, scrap cardboard, paper.

Circle sticker wreath

Circle sticker poppy wreath (kindergarten-lessons.com)
See the "Remembrance Day Wreath Counting Activity". A very simple poppy wreath activity for kindergarten students using red and black circle stickers.

Egg carton poppy wreath Egg carton poppy wreath (notimeforflashcards.com)
No illustrations Remembrance Day Art Activities (crafts.creativebug.com)
Website unavailable, April 6 2019
Red poppy recycled paper, red poppy Remembrance wreath, red poppies. Not illustrated.
No illustrations Remembrance Day Crafts for Kids (crafts.creativebug.com)
Website unavailable, April 6 2019
General instructions only (no illustrations). Suggests three ways of making a wreath:
- Poppy wreath from a paper plate
- Poppy hearts wreath
- Handprint Remembrance wreath.

Other wreaths (no poppies)

Making a Rose Wreath (anzacday.org.au)
(Produced with Australia's Anzac Day in mind but suitable as a Remembrance Day wreath)
A paper-based activity to make a wreath of roses.  A pdf file provides images of leaves to print on green paper, roses to print on red paper and a base sheet (template) to print on white paper and to which the cut-out leaves and roses are glued. Note the "DOWNLOAD ACROBAT FILE" link at the bottom.

How to Make Natural Green Wreaths (craftideas.info)
Commences with a straw wreath base then shows how greenery can be added. Though not illustrated, a final step could be adding red paper poppies or similar real flowers to make a Remembrance Day wreath.
Base a wreath on a coathanger (ave-on-crafts.com)
Shows how a fresh greenery wreath can be built on one or two wire coathangers. Also shows the use of other wreath foundations such as grass or wet foam


 Wreath ideas

Pinterest: Remembrance wreaths for Remembrance Day (pinterest.com/joannasamson2)
29 pins. A range of poppy and other kinds of wreaths suitable for Remembrance Day.

See also the Pinterest pages in our Activity ideas and suggestions section

Poppy lantern

Poppy lantern (DLTK)

Remembrance Day Lantern Craft (dltk-holidays.com)
Templates to print out are provided. You can choose between:
- a color template where all you need is scissors and glue
- a full outline template which requires coloring in as well
- a bare-bones outline template onto which individual cut-out poppies would need to be glued.



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