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Pigeon poppy thief
Pigeon holding poppy (Image: awm.gov.au)

The pigeon who stole from the tomb of the unknown soldier










The story...

Pigeon poppy thief

  Pigeon with poppy (Image: awm.gov.au)This pigeon has been gathering poppies...
  Pigeon nest (Image: awm.gov.au) ...to make a nest...
  Pigeon nest location (Image: awm.gov.au) ...in front of a high stained glass window...
  Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier (Image: awm.gov.au)...above the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier...
  Hall of Memory, Australian War Memorial (Image: awm.gov.au)...in the Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.
  pigeonattomb-awm-gov-au300The pigeon appears to be blissfully unaware that the poppies had been placed around the tomb in memory of the unknown soldier.
  Source of images: Australian War Memorial (awm.gov.au)

For more information about this story, see:
Winged warriors (awm.gov.au)

 Other resources


Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier (awm.gov.au)

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (various countries) (en.wikipedia.org)

Pigeons in war (awm.gov.au)





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