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Giant paper poppies

Craft Time! Giant Paper Poppy Flower (wearenotmartha.com)
Choose red paper, and give the poppies a black center.

Giant Magical Paper Flower Poppy Garden (thetanglednest.com)
[Page inaccessible as at June 10, Aug 16 2017.] Requires red, black and green tissue paper, green crepe paper, dowels, or sticks, wire, sticking tape.

Giant poppies: How to make paper flowers (molliemakes.com)
Choose red crepe paper and red tissue paper. You will also need black tissue paper, pipe cleaner, scissors. The page of instructions incorporates a  video  as well.

Make a Giant Poppy [pdf] (Archived from baysscoutprograms.org.au)
Simple to make. Requires red, black and green tissue paper, egg box cup, drinking straw, willow, tape.

Field-O-Poppies (blog.lauraashley.com)
Materials required are red, green and black card, glue, stapler, tape and spray-painted green cane for the stems. A template (that requires enlarging) is provided.

Paper Giant Red Remembrance Poppies (theartfulcrafter.com)
Not as large as the other "giant" paper poppies. Can be made from tissue paper, crepe paper or coffee filters. A template is provided. Requires red and yellow acrylic paint, pin, wire, florist tape, glue, small pom-pom.

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