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Coffee filter poppies

Note that coffee filter poppies require the use of paint or food coloring.

Coffee Filter Poppies (cbc.ca)
Uses coffee filters, buttons, safety pin, pipe cleaner, food coloring or watercolor paint.
Coffee Filter Poppies (theenchantedtree.blogspot.com)
Uses coffee filters, food coloring, black buttons, green pipe cleaners. Plenty of photos of the finished products. (Use red for Remembrance poppies.)

Coffee Filter Poppy Flower (crafts.kaboose.com)
Not accessible, 2 Mar 2017. Uses two basket-type coffee filters, craft paint, green chenille stem, black pom-pom (or a black button).

Paper Poppies - Tutorial (archived from clevernesting.com)
[Archived version.] Dye the coffee filters with red food coloring and use a green pipe cleaner. A deeper red and a black button rather than a yellow button would be more appropriate for a remembrance poppy.

Coffee Filter Poppies (elmers.ca)
Website unavailable Oct 29, Nov 11 2020, Apr 23 2022.
Uses two coffee filters, red paint (tempera or acrylic), black chenille stems. Only one photograph. (Instructions provided by a business that supplies adhesives and other classroom materials.)

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