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Tissue paper poppies

Memorial Day Poppy Project (moms-holiday-craft-ideas.com)
Folding then cutting the tissue paper is a clever idea.

How to Make Tissue Paper Poppies (wikihow.com)
Although the instructions refer to tissue paper of different colors, for Remembrance Day, Veterans Day and Anzac Day use red and black tissue paper (red for the petals, black for the central section).
Colleen's Creations Paper Flowers (cllnscreations.wordpress.com)
A little more time-consuming to make, but the result is professional-looking poppies. Modifies the ideas of Martha Stewart's Paper Peonies (and includes a link to those instructions).
Tissue paper poppy (activityvillage.co.uk)
Red tissue paper for the petals, black card for the central circle. A very quick and simple poppy to make.

Mocka's Anzac Day Tissue Paper Poppies (mocka.com.au)
Uses a glass or different sized lids or tins to trace out the circular poppies.

Not illustrated

How to Make Tissue Paper Poppies (ehow.com)
Instructions using red tissue paper, floral wire and green floral tape. Not illustrated.

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